Health Care Systems Engineering (HCSE)

News: HCSE Case Study Published

Dramatic improvement in unscheduled care in the West Midlands. Download the summary ... HERE

News: HCSE Case Study Published

Dramatic improvement in cancer care in South Wales. Download the two-page summary ... HERE

News: New version of BaseLine©

Existing BaseLine© users can download a free upgrade ... HERE

Practical Skills - One Day Workshops

6M Learn-By-Doing Workshops to develop awareness, experience and confidence.

If you are curious but unsure how to get started then the One Day Workshops are designed you.

After a day of hands-on learning-by-doing you will feel more confident to take on real improvement challenges and to start to deliver results ... quickly.

For full details, benefits, programme, and calendar just click HERE

"I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant day. Although I already believe that systems engineering is the key to unlocking the gridlock in the NHS, seeing it in real time action in a clinic sim is a slightly unnerving but amazing experience. The workshop today is an inspired way to demonstrate the power of the tools and learning by doing. The faculty were all excellent and knowledgable with a real enthusiasm for the material. I am really energised, so thank you to you all for letting me attend at short notice and sharing so many nuggets." JND, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Sept 2016.

"Thank you, a very enjoyable and useful day. Engaging and very motivational."
"Excellent day, motivating"
"I really enjoyed the entire day"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would like to attend Unscheduled Care workshop."
"Excellent training programme and very interested in continuing training."
"Very positive experience. Unique, worthwhile course."
Southern Trust, N.Ireland, May 2017.

Foundations of Improvement Science in Healthcare (FISH)

6M Online training in the foundations of health care systems engineering (HCSE).

FISH FISH is a blended learning programme for supporting improvement in health care.
FISH FISH is an on-line course designed to teach the core principles of health care improvement-by-design.
FISH FISH leads into the CHIPs programme which develops the essential knowledge, skills and confidence.
FISH FISH&CHIPs® grow experience and competence using real improvement projects to focus the learning.

There are still a limited number of free FISH training places available ...
... earn CPD points while learning valuable knowledge and skills ...
... for testimonials and details how to register and click HERE

Community of Healthcare Improvement Practitioners (CHIPs)

6M The CHIPs programme develops individual and organisational improvement-by-design capability.

CHIPs uses a tried-and-tested systems engineering framework called 6M Design®.

6M Logo

6M Design® is a robust method for designing and building processes and systems that deliver whatever is needed.

6M Design® is the translation of systems engineering techniques into an integrated methodology.

6M Design® is used at all scales to improve steps, stages, streams and then whole systems.

The CHIPs programme supports simultaneous Safety, Flow, Quality and Productivity improvement.

The CHIPs programme comprises three levels of complexity that build on each other.

The CHIPs programme develops system-wide improvement-by-design capability.

Dozens of published FISH&CHIPs® case studies can be found HERE


6M Convert your time-series data into a picture that tells a story in one click.


  • Provides rapid access to a powerful data visualisation tool - the XmR Chart.
  • Includes a host of innovative features to facilitate diagnosis, design and prognosis.
  • Specifically designed for the Community of Healthcare Improvement Practitioners.
  • See case studies of BaseLine© in action HERE
NB: BaseLine© is currently only available for PC-computers/Windows®

Download the BaseLine© installer and purchase an Activation Code HERE